Vertical platform lift BK – 400

The vertical platform lift is designed to provide safe and reliable access to public or private buildings for persons with physical disabilities. BK-400 is designed for a little lifting height, it can be used indoors or outdoors.

Vertical lift BK 200

This is an alternative solution to an inclined platform lift for short staircases. The platform moves up and down, while the other part works as a safety barrier in the lower position, and a connection bridge in the upper position.

Vertical lift BK 100

This lift has a reliable and simple design. It fits almost for every environment and doesn’t require much room for installation.

Vehicle lift BK – 03

BK-03 is an automotive vehicle lift for wheelchair users, designed for mounting on different types of vehicles.

Folding ramps

Folding aluminium ramps provide easy access to a vehicle or help to move across any little obstacle. Fit for a wide range of vehicles, easy installation and use.

Wheelchair ceiling hoist system BK 090

This unique ceiling mounted hoist system was designed for moving a person in his wheelchair in any direction and any distance.

Phone lift for wheelchair users BK - 040

The disabled friendly phone lift is designed for lowering a phone to the level, comfortable for a wheelchair user. It also may be used by children.